Dredging and reclamation system
Pneuma System is worldwide patented

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Pneuma System for dredging and reclamation


We are an Italian Company which, since 1970, works in the field of dredging and reclamation of polluted sediments and very deep dams.
PNEUMA s.r.l. manufactures with its own patents the PNEUMA pumps, operated by compressed air, and supplies freely the feasibility studies concerning the application of PNEUMA SYSTEM in any kind of environmental reclamations projects or of deep dredging. The main characteristics of the PNEUMA pumps are:

  1. Up to 90% of solid concentration in the dredged mixture.
    Wide output range, from 40 to 2.000 m3/h.
  2. Wide dredging depth range, from few centimetres to 200 m. with long distance direct reflow.
  3. Selective removal of thin layers of polluted sediments
  4. Efficient desilting of dams even in the presence of logs on the bottom.
  1. No rotating cutters, turbidity non-existent during operations.
  2. Advanced compressed air technology, function as a piston pump.
  3. Numerous assembly possibilities, on existing barges or demountable pontoons.
  4. No rigid connections, pump body suspended by a steel cable and connected by rubber hoses.
  5. Total compliance with the highest standards of Governmental Agencies for the Environment.