Pneuma Dredging System

Advantages of PNEUMA plant for dredging hydro-electric basins and dams:

The PNEUMA Dredging System is highly convenient for this application because of the following main advantages:
- Can be easily operated, also when dredging should be carried in very deep water   (100 m. and more) from a standard dismountable pontoon, transportable by trucks
- High solids content in the dredged mixture, thus allowing considerable saving of the   basin's water during dredging operation
- Neither mechanical moving parts nor cutters are in contact with the bottom   material, thus the bottom does not become disturbed. Therefore dredging can be   carried out close to the water intakes avoiding possible damages to the turbines.
- Reflowing of the dredge mixture at long distances and considerable elevations.
-Possibility of dredging in presence of logs on the bottom, by using longer inlet   pipes, which work astrid the log, or by using a single inlet pipe.


Palagnedra hydroelectric basin - Switzerland Click in click in

Dredging with direct reflow of the mixture on concrete decantation basins.
The very high concentration of the mixture permits the economical transportation to the final dumping site by means of tank trucks with vacuum system, so avoiding the utilisation of expensive dewatering treatment plant.

Longtan Hydrolectric Power Station - Guanxi Province - China

In June 2004 a new Pneuma dredge 300/60 - VS capacity 360 of mixture, started the dredging of limestone at 9 mt. depth with direct reflow at 2 Km. distance.
The pictures show the Pneuma dredge and the concentration of the mixture at the spy pipe:
Dredging in very shallow water
A particular area of a private dam in Australia was required to be dredged so to utilise the area again. Because of the samll water content of the dam a normal suction dredge was not suitable.
Giles Group - Australian Environmental Dredging of Mackay, using a Pneuma plant 300/60-VS, with vacuum, dredged in very shallow water and pumped a very concentrate mixture to a spoil area 900 mt. away.

Deep dredging